Direct Debit Account Registration

Please read the terms and conditions of the direct debit facility carefully before proceeding.


Terms and Conditions of the Agreement between Company (Debit User ID No. 433518) (the Debit User) and the person or persons (the Customer) who complete/s and provide/s the Debit User a Direct Debit Request (DDR) to facilitate the direct debit by the Debit User of the Customer's nominated account.

The Agreement is entered into by the Debit User's acceptance of the Customer's DDR, which acceptance is indicated by the Debit User's first debit of the Customer's nominated account in accordance with the DDR.


  1. The Debit User may vary the terms of the debit arrangement as outlined in the DDR or cancel the arrangement and terminate the Agreement, by providing the Customer with 14 days notice.
  2. By completing and providing the DDR to the Debit User, the Customer authorises the Debit User to make drawings on the Customer's nominated account in accordance with the drawing schedule set out in the DDR.
  3. The Customer must provide accurate account details. Any fees, charges or other costs incurred by the Debit User as a result of the Customer providing inaccurate account details will be a debt due and payable by the Customer.
  4. The Customer must ensure that the account nominated in the DDR is capable of accepting direct debits. If uncertain, the Customer must check with the financial institution before completing the DDR.
  5. The Customer may defer, suspend or alter the drawing schedule either by cancelling the DDR and completing and providing a new DDR or by making alternative prior arrangements as agreed between the Debit User and the Customer. A minimum of 14 days notice is required to defer, suspend or alter the drawing schedule.
  6. The Customer may stop individual debits or cancel the DDR by completing and providing the Debit User a notice in writing in a form approved by the Debit User. In such cases the Customer must make other arrangements to pay the amount due.
  7. If the Customer has a dispute relating to the Customer debit transaction the following dispute resolution process will apply:
    1. The Customer must first approach the Debit User to seek to resolve the disputed debit.
    2. All approaches to the Debit User will be made in writing to the address nominated in Clause 15 of the Agreement.
    3. The Debit User will attempt to resolve the dispute directly with the Customer.
    4. If the Customer is not satisfied that the dispute has been resolved satisfactorily, the customer may lodge a claim with their financial institution.
  8. If a due date for a debit in accordance with the drawing schedule set out in the DDR is not a business day the Debit User will make the debit on the last business day before the due date. If the Customer is uncertain as to when the debit will be processed to the Customer account, the customer should make enquiries directly with their financial institution.
  9. The Customer must ensure that on the due date, or on the date determined by clause 7 where applicable, the nominated account contains sufficient funds to enable the debit to be made.
  10. If any debit is dishonoured, the Debit User may cancel the direct debit arrangement and terminate the Agreement immediately by notice in writing to the Customer. This may incur a charge to the Customer, a dishonour fee equal to the total of all charges in respect of the dishonour. Any such charge shall be a debt due and payable by the Customer.
  11. The Debit User will keep confidential any account details contained in the DDR, and any information relating to the Customer's nominated account obtained in the course of the direct debit arrangement. Notwithstanding this, such details and information may be used for the purposes of making debits in accordance with the DDR and for the purposes of responding to a request for justification of a disputed debit pursuant to the dispute resolution procedure set out above.
  12. The Customer must in the first instance direct all enquiries, including stops or cancellations, to the Debit User.
  13. If for any reason the Debit User is not able to debit your nominated account in accordance with the DDR, the Customer must make other arrangements to pay the amount due.
  14. Any written notice pursuant to this Agreement, must be forwarded to the address specified in Clause 15 of the Agreement, or such other address as may be notified from time to time as the address for service of notices for the purposes of the direct debit arrangement.
  15. Address for notification:

    Elizabeth Ross
    Finance Department
    Rinnai Australia Pty Ltd
    10/11 Walker Street
    Braeside Vic 3195